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Comoros has hosted the eighth International Conference on Responsible and Sustainable Tourism. The conference held on the 10 and 11 May in Moroni, served as an opportunity for the Archipelago to promote its islands and to find solutions to overcome the lack of awareness of Comoros on the international scene.

There was no going back on the touristic drive for the island nation according to Houmed MSAIDIÉ, Comorian Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment, Tourism and Handicraft.

**”We will take advantage of this conference to highlight our natural and cultural assets and our heritage, which has its own specificity, because we are lagging behind our neighboring countries, which attract thousands of tourists every year”,**Mr MSAIDIÉ said.

But if Comoros chose to bet on responsible and sustainable tourism to compete with the Seychelles or Equatorial Guinea in particular, the tourism sector must first recover from the damage inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic and boost attendance at its sitesm including encouraging Comorians themselves to travel to the Archipelago.

“The Conferences also had as objective to sensitize the local population, the local communities and the government on the potentiality that exists in our country at all levels, cultural, historical, nature”.  Marie ATTOUMANE, National Director of Tourism

A dynamic focused on local tourism, authorities now aim to encourage Comorian travelers to make tourists from all over the world want to come back and discover the Comoros.

Africanews journalist Raphaële Tavernier reports that one of the objectives of these Conferences held in Comoros is “to give the maximum of keys to the population so that each Comorian takes part in the promotion of the Archipelago: **To attract you have to show… the theme of image was therefore very much addressed during this event… with a focus on the control and optimization of social networks… but also the creation of a new logo for the destination Comoros”**Tavernier said in Moroni.

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