As part of its efforts to promote African tourism, Africa Travel Connect (ATC) plans to organize monthly events. These events will serve as opportunities to showcase African destinations, connect stakeholders, and facilitate knowledge sharing and networking within the tourism industry. Here’s an overview of how these monthly events might be structured:

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Each monthly event can focus on a specific theme related to African tourism. These themes  include wildlife safaris, cultural heritage, adventure tourism, sustainable tourism practices, culinary experiences, or specific regional spotlights. By having themed events, ATC can delve deeper into various aspects of African tourism and provide more targeted information and experiences.

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Presentations and Panel Discussions

The events can feature presentations and panel discussions by industry experts, tourism professionals, and representatives from African countries. These sessions can cover topics such as destination highlights, emerging trends, investment opportunities, sustainable tourism practices, marketing strategies, and policy developments. The goal is to provide valuable insights, share experiences, and foster discussions on important issues within the African tourism context.

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Destination Showcases

Each monthly event can highlight specific African destinations. This can be done through virtual presentations, videos, or live demonstrations that provide an immersive experience of the featured destinations. Representatives from these destinations can share information about their unique attractions, accommodations, activities, and local experiences, giving attendees a better understanding of what each place has to offer.

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Networking Opportunities

ATC’s monthly events can include dedicated networking sessions where participants can interact with industry peers, tourism professionals, destination representatives, and various trade partners . These sessions can facilitate business collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge sharing among attendees, fostering a sense of community within the African tourism industry.

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