Africa Travel Connect (ATC) aims to play a significant role in promoting African countries and their tourism potential. Here are the areas in which ATC will focus its efforts:


ATC will build a platform to educate, inform, and promote African countries as attractive tourist destinations. It will highlight the unique offerings, including wildlife, landscapes, cultural heritage, and historical sites. Through targeted marketing campaigns, ATC will raise awareness among potential tourists and challenge negative stereotypes associated with Africa.


ATC will serve as a dedicated platform to provide up-to-date information about relevant news, developments, and opportunities connected to the African continent. This will keep the tourism community informed about the latest trends, events, and initiatives in Africa, facilitating better decision-making and planning for travel professionals and tourists.


ATC will create a marketplace where various private stakeholders, such as airlines hotels, resorts, tour operators, and travel agencies, can promote their services. This platform will enable these businesses to showcase their offerings, connect with potential customers, and increase their visibility within the tourism community interested in Africa.


ATC will collaborate with partners, such as tourism organizations, local communities, and educational institutions, to raise awareness and educate people about the African destinations. This will involve conducting training programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance the knowledge and skills of tourism professionals. By educating and engaging stakeholders, ATC will contribute to building a positive perception of Africa as a tourism destination.


ATC will form partnerships with various organizations to create investment opportunities in Africa's tourism sector. By attracting investment , ATC aims to facilitate the development of tourism infrastructure, such as hotels, resorts, transportation networks, and other visitor facilities. This will contribute to improving the overall tourism experience and expanding the range of offerings available to tourists.

Trade Events

ATC will organize trade events, conferences, and exhibitions that bring together tourism professionals, industry experts, and potential investors. These events will provide a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and business opportunities, further promoting African tourism.

Join us on this exciting journey as we pave the way for a prosperous & sustainable future for African travel. Together, we can shape a vibrant & thriving tourism landscape that highlights the wonders of Africa to the rest of the world.