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Through our tourism initiatives, we actively engage with various local stakeholders and organizations to foster growth, development, and empowerment.


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Welcome to Africa Travel Connect, the premier international travel association platform dedicated to promoting African destinations to the global tourism community.


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Africa Travel Connect (ATC) aims to play a significant role in promoting African countries and their tourism potential. Here are the areas in which ATC will focus its efforts:


ATC will build a platform to educate, inform, and promote African countries as attractive tourist destinations.

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serve as a dedicated platform to provide up-to-date information, news, developments, and opportunities connected to Africa.

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ATC will create a marketplace where various private stakeholders, such as airlines hotels, resorts, tour operators, and travel agencies, can promote their services.

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ATC will collaborate with partners, such as tourism organizations, local communities, and educational institutions, to raise awareness and educate people about the African destinations.

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ATC will form partnerships with various organizations to create investment opportunities in Africa’s tourism sector.

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Trade Events

ATC will organize trade events, conferences, and exhibitions that bring together tourism professionals, industry experts, and potential investors.

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Why are we doing this?

Africa’s tourism contribution varied across countries and regions within the continent. However, overall, Africa accounted for a relatively small share of global tourism receipts and arrivals. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Tourism Highlights 2020 report:

Rest of World
No Tourism
Rest of World

Africa’s share of international tourist arrivals 2019

75% of the Tourism the content contribution comes from only 6 of the 54 countries

Pre-Covid – Africa accounted 3% of International Tourism receipts

Tourism arrivals will fall short of 2019 levels

Globally, we expect pent-up demand for travel to drive growth of 30% in international tourism arrivals, taking them to 1.6bn. This follows growth of 60% in 2022, but will still not be enough to take total arrivals to their 2019 level of 1.8bn

Our mission is to raise awareness about the diverse and captivating experiences that Africa has to offer, connecting businesses, organizations, and individuals in the travel industry to foster collaboration and drive growth across the continent.